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Cars and individuals are subject to be searched upon entry and at any time during the event. 

- NO DRUGS or drug paraphernalia (Medical prescriptions must be in their original bottle, with the label attached. Your photo ID must match the name on the label) 

- NO WEAPONS of any kind, regardless of permit. 

- NO FIREWORKS or explosives

Violators of ANY of the above rules will be ejected from the event and are subject to prosecution under local, state, & federal laws.

- NO LITTERING or disturbing/removing the local flora/fauna. Respect for Mother Earth is a rule we feel should be second nature for this community, however we know how tempting it is to grab a beautiful stone or seed from the ground and slip it into a pocket. Instead, we encourage you to connect with one of our incredible vendors and purchase a keepsake that way.  

IMPORTANT REMINDER : This is a “pack in/pack out” event, meaning whatever you bring with you, you MUST also take out. It is our collective responsibility to leave Barren River Magic BETTER than we found it. So mote it be. 

- NO DESTRUCTION of property. This includes, but is not limited to, workshops/skill shares/craft areas, ect. Please be mindful of paint, glitter, and other MOOP (Matter Out Of Place). If you see something, say something so our team can address this and provide assistance. 

- NO PETS or ANIMALS will be permitted, with the exception of registered service animals. ESA animals (emotional support animals) will NOT be permitted. We are very sensitive to this subject and understand this aspect for many, however, for the safety and wellbeing of the local venue animals and the individuals that have ADA service animals (that provide task assistance to an individual with a disability)...we ask that everyone abide by this rule. 

- NO GLASS CONTAINERS. Many barefeet walk upon this land, so please use your resources and find an alternative to glass for this event. 

- NO ENTRY WITHOUT A TICKET PURCHASE. Children are welcome to attend this event. Any child, 12 years of age and under, will be granted free entry (with the purchase of a ticket). Children of all ages, and adults must wear their wristbands at all times. Wristbands will be given to event attendees at the gate. Please have your proof of purchase ready to show the attendant. 

- CHILDREN MUST BE SUPERVISED AT ALL TIMES. Barren River Magic is an expansive property that has areas unsuitable for children. Please be mindful of this and keep your children with you at all times. Unattended children will be given an espresso and taught to summon demons. 

- NO DRIVING. Once you locate your campsite, upon entry, driving on the grounds is prohibited. Bicycles and "Onewheelers" are permitted, but need to use extra caution, and have proper lighting for night / low light travel around the event space.

- NO UNAUTHORIZED CAMPFIRES. Primitive campsites and any other area within the event space will NOT be permitted to have campfires of any kind. If you have a reserved RV site, or cabin you will have a designated campfire area. These established areas are for RV/cabin use only. We will have community campfires / bonfires each night at specific locations, ask a volunteer for those locations. 

- ALL TICKET SALES ARE FINAL. No refunds/returns. The event will take place Rain or Shine. 

- NO Native American Headdresses or offensive/threatening articles of clothing or signage **see footnote**

- Individuals are expected to read the 'Code of Conduct' and abide by these guidelines during their stay. Respect for others, as well as, inclusivity is at the forefront of our event and community.

ANY AND ALL PERSONS BEHAVING IN AN ILLEGAL, OFFENSIVE, OR DISORDERLY FASHION WILL BE REMOVED FROM THE GROUNDS WITHOUT A REFUND.  These violations will be taken seriously, and actions will be taken to the extent deemed necessary, including prosecution under local, state, & federal laws.

**A note on headdresses and offensive/threatening messages: at 'the Gathering', EVERYONE should feel safe, comfortable, and welcome.

Therefore we request that those who would plan to bring Native American headdresses to the event leave them at home. Out of respect for this community, it is inappropriate to wear headdresses outside of traditional ceremony, therefore this topic is not up for discussion.

Additionally, while we support diversity in signs, and articles of clothing, words or images that are divisive or explicitly threaten to harm others such as Confederate flags are not welcome.

'the Gathering' reserves the right to confiscate items deemed to be in violation of these policies at its discretion.

In such a creative community, we are confident that these requests will open up new, more inclusive creative opportunities for all who attend. Thank you for making choices that support and inspire all members of our growing community.

THESE RULES AND CONTENT OF THIS SITE ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE. For any and all questions or concerns please email us at : 


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